Invest Club


Annual General Meeting –  September 18, 2014

 Investment Group Report

Last year the group met 9 times. Attendance varied from 9 to high of 17 members. The current membership is 17. The meetings were held the second Thursday of the month in the Friendship Room at St, Paul’s United Church. A small fee is charged to cover the room rent and expenses. At the meeting, the assigned leaders of the various stock sectors review the performance of their stocks and discuss the merits of any proposed buy or sell actions.

As a result of the combined wisdom of our members, the Group’s Portfolio on July 31st, 2014 was $608,842 vs. $486,198 on July 31,2013, for a gain of $122,644 or 25.2% for the one year period. Of this amount, $ 12,604 or 2.6% was income from dividends. For the same period the TSX gained 23.0%.,but this number does not include dividends. The groups original investment in 2002 was $200,000.

For clarification purposes for non group members, all these numbers are on paper only for discussion and learning purposes. Some members use the information gained at these meetings in their own investment portfolios.

I wish to thank the members for their continued interest and contribution this past year. Thanks to Roy McEwen for providing the room and making the coffee, and also to Gunther Lutz for tracking the monthly dividends which are added to the cash total. The monthly spread sheet report continues to be provided by the undersigned as it has been since inception.

All Probus members, who are interested in the stock market, are welcomed to attend a monthly meeting and decide if you would like to join us.

Peter Riediger

Group Chairman (905-338-1499)